This disabling medical condition can be due to either internal (endogenous) or external factors (exogenous). As adults, there is little we can do about endogenous factors. However, for parents who worry that their children may develop their tendencies for these conditions, we would be able to advise them on appropriate childhood nutrition and skin care . To “outgrow” this tendency, it is important that children are not constantly exposed to these allergic triggers as they may overwhelm the immune system.
For adults, the tests described above allows the identification and avoidance of allergic foods and additives. The avoidance need not be permanent. After allowing the immune system to rest for 6 months, we can slowly re-introduce some of these foods.
However, for faster relief, instead of just applying creams, we have an INNOVATIVE way to reduce significantly the itch and inflammation of the affected areas. This method would also moisturize the skin and restore the natural protective barrier function.
Combined with avoidance of allergic foods, flare-ups become less frequent and when they do happen, also resolve much faster with less suffering.